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How to Sell a Stamp Collection

With the overwhelming choices of online dealers and auction houses it can be difficult to know where to begin when selling a stamp collection. Whether inherited or accumulated through years of collecting, stamp collections can share with us interesting bits of history, and transport us through time. However, determining if a stamp collection has value can be challenging. Most stamps actually have very little value since they were produced in such large quantities. However, rare and unusual stamps and stamp collections are out there waiting to be discovered. So it is important to get a credible valuation on your collection, especially if you are a novice to stamp collecting. As third generation stamp experts, our goal is to make sure you are equipped with good information when you have a collection to sell.


Where to begin when selling a stamp Collection? A good starting point is to determine


Did you inherit the stamp collection or do you have little experience with stamp collecting?


Are you a stamp collector looking to sell your stamp collection?


Are you a stamp dealer looking to reduce your stock?

How to sell your stamp collection
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